Frequently Asked Questions

Does the attorney charge a fixed fee or an hourly fee?

In general, most real estate, immigration, bankruptcy, and estate planning matters are charged on a flat fee basis, while most business law matters are charged on an hourly basis. At the initial client consultation, the attorney will discuss the schedule of fees with the client. Our prices are set at competitive rates while at the same time preserving quality of service. Our attorneys take pride in personally handling your case from start to finish, giving you the attention you deserve.

What type of experience do your attorneys have?

Each of the attorneys with the Zeini Law Firm has experience not only in the legal field but in some aspect of “real- world” business. Their non-legal training spans the areas of business, technology, alternative dispute resolution, building construction, and real estate. This wealth of experience not only distinguishes them from other attorneys but is critical in helping the attorneys understand their clients’ points of view in addition to their non-legal concerns and considerations. This is a distinct advantage to our new and existing clients.